Four Fun Outdoor Plumbing Ideas

Plumbing is not just for the indoors anymore. Today’s master plumber is as experienced in outdoor plumbing installations as he or she is with indoor ones. People are building more and more elaborate backyards for their homes, creating an increasing number of unique ways to leverage plumbing outside the home. The following are some great ideas that you can use to improve your backyard and bring all the comfort of interior living to your outdoor space.

Set up an outdoor kitchen – Barbeques are full-service, these days. With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll never again have to trek back and forth endlessly to your indoor kitchen to prep, wash, or rinse. A sink, along with other kitchen essentials, can be set up right in your backyard within reaching distance of your grill, truly transforming the experience of a summer barbeque. paver patio installation

Build an outdoor shower – There are probably more than a few of you out there who have grown tired of seeing dirty, muddy feet trek over the clean carpets of your home. An outdoor shower is a fun way for your kids to rinse off after a busy day in the sun, and can also be an ideal choice if you have a backyard pool. A shower can be easily installed by an expert in your patio area, giving you a fresh and fun way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Construct a water fountain – Your kids (and maybe even your husband or wife) spend a lot of the summer running around in the backyard and working up a sweat. Why not set up a filtered water fountain right in your outdoor space? A quick refresher will always be right at hand, and you won’t have to worry about plastic bottles piling up and ramping up your carbon footprint.

Install a fountain and pond – A pond with a running fountain is a great way to add a bit of ambience to your outdoor setting. Just the sound of running water can add a soothing, meditational aspect to a well-landscaped backyard. Don’t worry about the logistics- a professional plumber should have a pretty straightforward time running the necessary pipes to your new fountain. In fact, outdoor pipes can be much easier to deal with than indoor pipes.

Any one of these ideas is a great way to bring some new life to your home and outdoor space. If you’re interested in transforming your backyard with any of these installations, consider consulting with a professional plumber who can help you with some of the more involved logistics.

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